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Roberdo Flanders

Roberdo Flanders here. I hail from New York, am married to a New-York Brooklynite, and have two wonderful children. My family and I moved to Cleveland in 2007—though my heart will always stay with the Knicks and Yankees—in a pursuit to advance our education and careers in the accounting and legal fields, respectively, in a city like Cleveland where one could afford a decent education and way of life without susceptibility to foreclosure.

My responsibilities as Chief Financial Officer include all aspects of accounting including but not limited to payables, receivables, payroll, financial statements, human resource management and other projects as assigned from time to time. I have experience in working for both not-for-profit and for-profit based businesses and contribute such experiences to everyday tasks at Strategic Real Estate Coach without obfuscating my colleagues and peers. Notwithstanding “priceless” moments at the office (especially during tax season), working for Strategic Real Estate Coach has truly been a God-send, I love my S.R.E.C. family.

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