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Jason Schlegel

Jason Schlegel is the Chief Operations Officer for Strategic Real Estate Coach and Strategic Funding Management. Jason comes from a diverse background with a wide array of business acumen.

He attended The Ohio State University, and was also a sergeant in the Unites States Marine Corps. After serving his country four years he was an account specialist for one of the country’s largest plastic companies, Akro-Mils a subsidiary of Myers Tires Inc.

After a few years, Jason, was called upon by a business mogul who had just invested in the purchase of a small town in western Pennsylvania. Jason was quickly made, General Manager, of a $5 Million resort town that hosted a restaurant, winery, hotel, and several boutique Shoppe’s. Jason, not only grew the town to a well- traveled destination, he understood the many facets of business. He was responsible for budget proposals, P & L reviews, marketing, SOP’s, sales, and a multitude of other functions of business. After several years in the restaurant business and being called upon in consulting capacities for a number of small to several hundred million dollar facilities, Jason was introduced to Mr. Josh Cantwell.

He and Josh realized they complimented each other’s needs for continuing to grow Mr. Cantwell’s several business endeavors. He resides in Fairlawn, OH, with his wife, Kara, their daughter, Seona their two dogs, Tiberius and Maximus, and their cat, Piper.

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