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SREC is Josh Cantwell. He is the top residential real estate investor in his community, has been a full-time investor since 2003. Josh has bought and sold over 600+ properties since 2003. He is laser-focused on the distressed property niche including his 6 revenue pillars. Those 6 revenue pilllars are Bank Foreclosures (REOs), Short Sales, Lease Options, Buyers, Marketing and Raising Capital.
Josh’s team at SREC has 7 full-time, high-end coaches. Each coach is an investor first and foremost and a coach second. Each coach has a minimum of 5 years buying and selling properties with an average of 9 years experience.
SREC has coaching students all over the U.S. who are implementing SREC real estate investing strategies and building successful businesses.
SREC features student success case studies from a broad range of markets.
SREC has established itself as a pioneer in cutting-edge real estate investing techniques, which means shorter learning curves and faster success for our students.
SREC was the first company to implement and teach “the option contract” method as way to conduct back-to-back transactions that are transparent, legal and ethical.
SREC created The Referral Renaissance: learn how to collaborate with centers of influence such as attorneys, appraisers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and others for the benefit of both and fill your pipelines with free leads.
SREC developed The Realtor Referral Program: a program that has made a dramatic impact on the businesses of investors and Realtors alike through joint work between investors and agents for closing more and more transactions.
Only SREC specializes in teaching The Green Light Selling System for selling houses quickly in ANY market: programs that SREC developed and uses in our investing businesses.
SREC is a leader in teaching how to harness the power of the Internet to drive traffic to your websites and generate online leads through social media sites, Web 2.0, PPC and SEO to supercharge your marketing and build your network.
SREC goes beyond teaching how to do a deal and teaches how to build a business in real estate.

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    This has to be my niche and my real estate enterprenurial dream of this century! Well, what am I waiting for? Get busy and Get the ball rolling! I have been only dreaming about the current market and someday how it would feel to own it..lovely that's exactly how to feel :-) Thanx Josh for leading the way. Regina

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    I'm ready Joe

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